Senin, 15 Juni 2015

Types of Laboratories

When viewed in terms of its type, there are several types of laboratories that will be on the pillowcase at length in the book. This time, we will break it down based on how.

1.      Laboratory of education, ie laboratory that is used for education, especially elementary, junior high, high school, to college. All laboratory of this type in show for the smooth process of teaching and learning. The research activities in the laboratory of this kind usually done by teachers / lecturers and learners. Examples of this type, for example laboratory science laboratory, language laboratory, IT labs, chemistry labs, physics laboratories, agriculture laboratories, the laboratory are mathematical, medical labs, science labs, and so forth. An example is the chemical laboratory space specifically used for activities related to learning which require direct proof of concepts in chemistry learning. Things to note.

a. Chemistry learning activities in practice and requires special equipment.
b. A minimum accommodate study groups.
c. The minimum ratio of 2.4 m2 laboratory space kiia learners, for study groups with students less than 20 people, including a minimum area of ​​48m2 space spacious storage and preparation space 18m2 with a minimum width of 5 m.
d. Has a facility that allows adequate lighting for reading books and observing the objects of the experiment.

2.      Laboratory research, namely laboratory used for scientific practitioners in an effort to find something to study something that became his field of expertise. This laboratory could be examined tentsng as objects that exist in the educational laboratories such as matters relating to science, physics, agriculture, language, matematiak, chemistry, medicine, science, etc. However, the essence of the purpose of this lab is to research is generally done by scientists.

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