Senin, 15 Juni 2015

Laboratory Management

Understanding management is an activity organized a group of people, finances, equipment, facilities and or any other physical object effectively and efficiently to achieve certain goals or objectives that are expected to be optimal. Laboratory management is a process of utilization of resources effectively and efficiently to achieve the expected goals optimally with regard to the sustainability of resources function. Laboratory management with regard to managers and users, laboratory facilities (buildings, laboratory equipment, biological specimens, chemicals), and the activities carried out in the laboratory that maintain the sustainability function.

Basically the management of the laboratory is the responsibility of both managers and users. Therefore, everyone involved must have an awareness and felt compelled to organize, maintain, and seek safety. Organize and maintain a laboratory is a laboratory effort to always keep functioning as it should. While efforts to keep safety always include efforts to prevent the possibility of accidents at work in the laboratory and its handling in the event of an accident.
During this school laboratory management can not be done properly. Even impressed built space laboratory is not functioning. Not a little room built for laboratory activities the school has changed function. Of course it is very unfortunate and detrimental to the various parties, especially the students.

Many factors led to the shifting of the laboratory as a place to observe, discover, and solve a problem manjadi classroom or warehouses, among others:

1. Lack of ability in managing the school laboratory.
2. The limited ability of teachers in the control subjects.
3. Lack of understanding of the meaning and function of school laboratories and science learning and improvement system. Ironically, the existence of school laboratories are considered a burden that is rarely used as it should.

For that understanding of laboratory management is critical to being owned by parties related to the laboratory, either directly or indirectly.

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