Senin, 15 Juni 2015

Function Laboratory

Laboratory as a research activity, research, experiments, observations, as well as scientific testing has many functions. Here are some of the most important laboratory functions.

1. Striking a balance between theory and practice unify science and between theory and practice. Laboratotium is the place to test a theory that will be able to support the theory lessons that have been received directly. In that context, the two will complement each other, which will teoi could be the foundation (base) practices and research, while research will strengthen the argument theory.

2. Provide scientific work skills for researchers, both from the students, professors or other researchers. This is caused not only requires an understanding of the object in the review, but also requires a person to do an experimentation.

3. Provide and cultivates courage researchers (which consists of learning, learners, students, faculty and all other scientific practitioners) to find the true nature of an object of scientific knowledge in the natural environment and social environment.

4. Increase the skills and expertise of the researchers in the use of media tools available in laboratotium to locate and determine the truth in accordance with various mavam scientific research or experimentation that will be done.

5. Cultivating curiosity to researchers on various scientific macm sehinnga encourage them to always examine and seek scientific truth by means of research, testing, and experimentation. This will be able to nurture their scientific attitude as prospective scientists in the future.

6. The laboratory can cultivate and foster confidence in the skills that researchers obtained or of the invention can be in the process of work activities in laboratories. That is, people who find scientific truth in research in labpratorium will be more confident with the truth because it has gone through a very rigorous scientific process, thorough, and objective in accordance with the rules of science. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people who make the final submission process as laboratory truth.
7. The laboratory can be a source of learning to solve problems through practical activities, whether it is an issue in learning, academic issue, and the problems that occur in the community who require handling by laboratory tests.

8. The laboratory can be a learning tool for students, professors, activists, researchers, and others to understand all the science that is still abstract to be something that is concrete and tangible. This will be very useful for individuals who are thinking normative level so as to beat them to the things that are more concrete (real). Therefore, actual lab emphasizes attention to the cognitive domain.

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